This is Guodong Subs, bringing you donghua (Chinese animation) with English subtitles.
This is Guodong (Jelly) Subtitle Group (Guodong Subs).
We are a non-profit, interest-driven group, working mainly to translate Chinese animation into English and spread Chinese animation.

这里是果冻字幕组(Guodong Subs)。

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you get paid for doing subtitles?

Guodong Subs is a non-profit group formed solely by a common interest in translation and subtitling. We do not monetize our translations and will not accept any form of payment for our projects.

How do I download the episodes from Nyaa?

Here's a guide for anyone who needs it! We often publish our final, quality-checked versions on our Nyaa homepage, so feel free to check it out!

Why do you take so long to update?

All of our translations go through a rigorous subtitling process including manual translation and at least a round of proofreading and quality check. While we do tend to take anything between a week to a month to produce an episode, we always try to adhere to our update schedule whenever we publish a new series. Hopefully you'll find the wait worthwhile!

I'm interested to join! How do I apply?

Come find us at our Discord! Or drop us an email at [email protected], we will reply shortly.