The Outcast S3

Into the World Arc

The Outcast S3: Into the World Arc

Original Title
Completed 一人之下 第3季

Translation Progress
Ongoing 08 / 08

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After the World Sacrificial Rites, Wang Ye was expelled from the Wudang Sect and returned home. He was still pursued by coveting eyes, though, for he had mastered one of the Eight Incredible Arts —— Fenghou Qimen. Things soon got out of hand when they began to spy on his family. Wang Ye had no choice but to heed the suggestion of his friend, Zhuge Qing: to seek help from the company “Nadoutong”. Zhang Chulan and Feng Baobao were summoned to solve the case. How will Zhang Chulan use his abilities to help Wang Ye find the mastermind pulling strings from behind? What impressive performances will Zhuge Qing, Wang Ye and the others show us? Who are the people hankering after the Eight Incredible Arts? The answers are in “The Outcast —— Into the World Arc”!

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一人之下 第3季

Staff List
Agogo 2-PR

Bronco TL 1-PR

Cuchallain 2-PR

Ile TL

Ivan TL

Sophia IC TL 1-PR QC

Wuzimiko QC

Yue 1-PR

Yuuki EE

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  1. Kurei Kurei

    This donghua is funny, has incredible animation, good fighting, beautiful OPs/EDs (at least season 2 and 3) and an interesting and mature story. I don't understand why it isn't more common... I hope it's getting the love it deserves in China.
    Anyway, thank you guys for allowing us to enjoy it. Your translations are always great, and we know it's a lot of work. Thank you.

  2. i wait!

    1. wuzimiko wuzimiko

      @Scoville M Guimondit'll be up soon :D

  3. I will wait Episode 5
    thanks for Episode 4

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    i will "seed Torrent "
    To keep the torrent file as long as possible

  5. please, Episode 4

    1. wuzimiko wuzimiko

      @Scoville M GuimondEpisode 4 is now up!

  6. kamishi kamishi

    ahhh... im late, ep2 no longer has seeders

  7. @(OK) Very Gooooooooooooooooood

  8. Episode 4 , please

  9. Avid Outcast Avid Outcast

    Thanks guys for this upload. Great effort. Looking forward to Ep02

  10. Biraj Bhattarai Biraj Bhattarai

    thanks guys for your hard and wonderful work.

  11. Biraj Bhattarai Biraj Bhattarai

    thanks guys for your hard and wonderful work.

  12. SlayVega SlayVega

    Cant wait @(爱心) Thank you Guys for the hard work